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Nepal Cleft & Burn Center

Part of the Tibet Rug Company’s mission is to serve the local community, and Jim chose to focus on improving medical care for the people of Nepal, especially those in remote, rural areas. By working with Interplast, a humanitarian organization that sends surgical teams to perform reconstructive procedures, Tibet Rug Company funded Nepal's first speech therapy program.

Seeing the effect that rehabilitation had on patients' quality of life, Jim began to wonder how he could help build a future of heath care self-reliance for the people of Nepal.With the support of other rug importers and private donors, he established the Nepal Cleft and Burn Center in 2002. Its mission: To build Nepal's first teaching hospital specializing in deformity-correcting reconstructive surgery.

Thanks to private contributions, carpet industry support, volunteer service, and land donation from Nepal's Public Health Concern Trust (PHECT), the idea grew into a 4-story, 16,000 foot hospital for the poorest of the poor in Nepal. The Center is staffed by Nepali physicians lead by Dr. Shankar Rai, recipient of the Nathan Davis Award for Humanitarian Service from the American Medical Association.

The Nepal Cleft and Burn Center held its official opening ceremony March, 2014, and is continuing to raise money for equipment, physicians, and nurses to keep up with the need. Please visit our website for more information, or to donate: